• Omega Phi Knights and the Omega Eta Knights

    “Strive to make something of yourself, and then strive to make the most of yourself. Once you make the most of yourself, strive to lift your brother or sister up”.


    Mission Statement:


    The words, fraternity and sorority, can incite a myriad of feelings along with different interpretations and opinions. But to clear any assumptions, both,  the Omega Phi Knights fraternity and the Omega Eta Knights sorority, are about brotherhood and sisterhood. The mission of this brotherhood and sisterhood is to anticipate all the needs of all Knights and meet them with solutions. We can accomplish this task through the collaboration of the principle and the tenacity to work towards perfecting one self. Furthermore, the Omega Knights are committed to learning diversified backgrounds of the student body on and off APHS campus, with the highest respect, no matter the circumstances. It is safe to say that the Omega Knights can be role models in the community.