• Documents for Students

    At the start of every school year students will need to complete documents pertaining to the year ahead. If you are a student arriving during the year the list below will help you to catch up and be familiar with all the things going on at D.T.S.. Below is a list of documents you might need to complete.

    Forms for Parents

    1. Parent Teacher Conferences

    School Contracts

    1. BehaviorforGuestTeachers (Word document)
    Students are expected to behave with honor at all times. This form has you commit to good behavior for a guest teacher filling in for your regular teacher. 
    2. HAKSubBehavior is a PowerPoint slide show that helps to explain what is expected behavior. You may want to watch the PowerPoint slide show before signing your contract so that you are fully aware of what you have committed to.

    School Health Forms

    Some students may require glasses. The school nurse is able to perform a vision test for all students. Should your child need glasses, the above two links is a form to help families with financial assistance to get glasses.

    School Handbook

    The Student Handbook is a .doc format. Please use word processing software to open the document.