• Monday, February 17, 2020 
    Ms. Much:   English I and Literary Analysis
    Room  Extension 610-522-4330 x 6334
    School email: kmuch@sedelco.org 
    When indicated, submit Essays to khmuch@gmail.com
    This is a work in progress! Please check back for assignments throughout the year as I update files students need in case of absence.
    Supplies:  Three ring binder with four tabs for English class and filled with notebook paper, a folder, and plenty of  pens and pencils, and a flashdrive would be helpful during projects. A gmail account needs to be set up for your student to use Google Docs for their work. It's free and easy to do. 
         Close reading of texts is emphasized throughout the year. Many of our classroom activities are a close examination of texts to analyze texts beyond a first reading. You will see students annotating texts, so many handouts are used throughout the year so students can write directly on the text itself.
    We will be using the Pearson Common Core textbook. You may access the online textbook!   ( I will be adding student names after the first week of school.)

    You can log in to    www.pearsonrealize.com.

    Your student username: APHSnine
    Your student password is: $tudent1
    Once the Sedelco and Pearson system are integrated, your student will receive a personal log in. 

    You can access the stories, vocabulary, and other textbook features there!

    There are many features that include looking at assignments, test scores and essay scorer.