Emergency Closings and Information

  • Emergency School Closings

    In the event of an emergency that closes district schools and offices or causes a late start or early departure, parents / guardians will be notified by telephone through our district messaging system, Global Connect.

    At the beginning of each school year parents / guardians are asked to provide emergency numbers to your child's building secretary. Southeast Delco School District will contact you on the numbers provided to inform you of a cancellation or any change in the school day. Weather closing information will still be available on WKAP, the school district television channel, at www.sedelco.org the district website, KYW1060, NBC10 and ABC4. Our closing number remains 464.

    In the event of a district or community emergency, a message describing the event or providing specific instructions can be created and sent within minutes of its occurrence. In the event of such an emergency, it is important that you follow all directions. Depending on the emergency you may or may not be requested to pick up your child. Showing up at your child's school, when asked to remain clear of the area, can in some cases add to the complexity of the emergency. Again, please follow all instructions for the safety of all involved.

    If you have changed any numbers, please contact your child’s building secretary in order to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. If your information is not accurate, the messaging system will not reach you.

    Thanks for your help with this important endeavor. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.