• Bienvenidos a las clases de espanol 1 y 2 and 3! 
    Students will learn about Spanish communication, culture,connections, comparisons,communities.  Spanish is spoken in 19 countries and in 2015 Spanish speakers constitute almost 19% of people living in the United States.  There are 41 million Spanish speakers in the United States alone, second only to Spanish speakers in Mexico. 


 Carolyn Broll Kelly



Degrees and Certifications:

Carolyn Broll Kelly

I have had several careers starting out with an Anthropolgy/Sociology Bachelor's degree and working in marketing for a consumer product.  During my undergradutuate time I was an exchange student in Colombia South America and started my Spanish learning.   I lived in Colombia after graduating for four years.    Later after recieving a law degree I practiced law in various different areas including international corporate law.