• APHS Library Philosophy

    The philosophy of the APHS Library is based on the belief that all students in this school deserve respect, that all students can choose respectful behavior, that each student can learn and that each student will be provided individualized instruction based on their current knowledge base in order to achieve excellence.

    This philosophy requires that the professional and clerical library staff provide continual, “on the floor” ongoing, structured service to the students and teachers. Classroom projects are always collaboratively constructed and developed with the classroom teacher to ensure student success and to ensure that students will receive information literacy instruction in accordance with the Library Curriculum through the content research assignment or project. Classes are scheduled no more than two at a time in order to provide effective meaningful services and instruction. Any more than two classes in the library at one time reduces the structure and individual facilitation that is proven best practice for our students. All clerical and professional tasks required to run the library, maintain the collection, develop policy, provide extracurricular activities, and other duties take place after school or if there are no classes in the library. Student questions and information needs are always met at point of need.

    All students and others in the school community deserve and will receive open access to the library. The library’s roll at APHS is to provide support for the academic and personal information needs of the students, faculty and staff. All pass procedures are developed to insure that academic needs are met in a timely fashion, that leisure reading needs are met at point of need and that personal needs are supported without interfering with academic requirements. Our goal is that no student will be turned away with a legitimate information requirement.

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    Feel free to contact Mrs. Kluza with any questions or concerns at lkluza@sedelco.org or at (610) 522-4330 ext. 6226.