• WELCOME TECH BRIDGE Welcomes Academy Park Students and Parents!
         TECH BRIDGE is a partnership between the  HENKELS-McCOY CORPORATION AND THE SOUTHEAST DELCO SCHOOL DISTRICT. This program bridges technology and education by way of a computer based program utilizing Skills Tutor for English and Math; Mavis Beacon Typing to teach proper keyboarding skills; Customer Service Training programming to allow the students to become certified in customer service skills - which aids in job hunting; Power Point presentations involving various teacher assigned projects; Resume Building which affords the students opportunities to design a resume to use for jobs and educational pursuits.
          Joe Soupik is the curriculum instructor provided by Henkels-McCoy to the Academy Park High School. Lance Bogash is the Southeast Delco School District Teacher assigned to the class.

         This is the fourth year of the program. The fifteen students enrolled in the program have to meet criteria as set forth by Henkels-McCoy. The students take part in a four week summer camp where they are given an hourly stipend plus lunch. During the school year the students are enrolled in a full-year schedule that allows them to earn two technology credits. There is an opportunity to earn stipends based on amount of work completed and attendance. At the conclusion of the course in June the students who have met the objectives of the program are allowed to keep their assigned laptop.