• Word of the Day: Week of 6/4


    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: content

    Word: promotion

    Definition: to be happy and satisfied

    Definition: a move upward in position or grade

    Sentence: The kitten was so content as she drank her milk that she began purring.

    Sentence: My mother’s promotion at work meant that we could afford a new car.


    Word: parched

    Word: fastidious

    Definition: to be extremely hot and dry and need water

    Definition: not easy to please

    Sentence: We ran out of water and were totally parched by the time we crossed the desert.

    Sentence: The fastidious eater complained about every dish served at dinner.


    Word: thorough

    Word: lunge

    Definition: something that is done carefully and completely from start to finish

    Definition: to move forward suddenly

    Sentence: Grace did such a thorough job cleaning that there wasn’t a speck of dust left.

    Sentence: The puppy lunged toward the ball.


    Word: appetite

    Word: avert

    Definition: one’s hunger for food

    Definition: to turn away from or prevent

    Sentence: I’m not allowed to have snacks after four o’clock so I won’t spoil my appetite for dinner.

    Sentence: The sun was so bright that I had to avert my eyes. I was able to avert an accident by avoiding the branch in the road.


    Word: strive

    Word: majority

    Definition: to make your best effort to do something

    Definition: more than half

    Sentence: I strive to walk a little farther every day on my morning walk.

    Sentence: The majority of the students in my class ride a bus to school.