• Word of the Day


    Word of the Day: Week of 9/11



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: unique

    Word: honorary

    Definition: one of a kind

    Definition: given as an honor

    Sentence: A fish that could survive on dry land would be very unique.

    Sentence: Famous people often receive honorary degrees from universities.


    Word: candidate

    Word: literacy

    Definition: someone who is applying for a job or running for office

    Definition: the ability to read and write

    Sentence: Each candidate for student council officers gave a speech at the assembly.

    Sentence: Literacy is important for succeeding in our society.


    Word: devour

    Word: ramshackle

    Definition: to eat something very quickly

    Definition: ready to collapse; rickety

    Sentence: People like to gather to watch the cheetahs devour their steak at feeding time.

    Sentence: We came across a ramshackle cabin on our walk in the woods.


    Word: solo

    Word: confident

    Definition: a thing done by one person on their own

    Definition: having trust or faith

    Sentence: You could tell that Sidney had been practicing, because she performed her solo perfectly.

    Sentence: I am confident that I can pass this test.


    Word: command

    Word: motto

    Definition: to give an order to follow

    Definition: a short sentence or phrase that expresses a guiding belief

    Sentence: The trainer at the wild animal park commanded the wolf to bring him a stick.

    Sentence: Her motto is “Carpe diem: seize the day!”



    Word of the Day: Week of 9/18



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: hilarious

    Word: innovation

    Definition: something so funny that it makes you laugh

    Definition: something newly introduced

    Sentence: The movie was so hilarious that we almost cried from laughing so hard.

    Sentence: The first automobile was a major innovation in transportation.


    Word: baffled

    Word: charade

    Definition: confused or puzzled

    Definition: a game in which someone acts out each word or syllable of a phrase

    Sentence: I was baffled by the complicated directions for assembling my new model car.

    Sentence: You need to have a good imagination or be a good actor to play charades.


    Word: marionette

    Word: jovial

    Definition: a puppet that you can move by pulling its strings

    Definition: full or fun; or jolly

    Sentence: Pinocchio was a wooden marionette until the Blue Fairy helped him become a real live boy.

    Sentence: Our coach is so jovial that even workouts can be fun.


    Word: amuse

    Word: customary

    Definition: to make someone laugh or smile

    Definition: commonly practiced

    Sentence: The playful monkeys always amuse the visitors at the zoo.

    Sentence: In Japan it is customary to remove your shoes when you enter a house.


    Word: weary

    Word: lobby

    Definition: tired or exhausted

    Definition: to try to convince lawmakers to vote a certain way, or a hall or a room at the entrance

    Sentence: Mom was weary after driving for almost 8 hours to get to Grandmom’s house.

    Sentence: Nature lovers have had to lobby the government to protect redwood forests.   The lobby of the governor’s office was filled with protestors.



    Word of the Day: Week of 9/25



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: legend

    Word: integrate

    Definition: a story that is handed down from the past that is usually based on something that really happened

    Definition: to combine or unite

    Sentence: The legend of Johnny Appleseed is based on the life of a man named John Chapman.

    Sentence: The singer integrates elements of jazz and rock into her music.


    Word: glitter

    Word: priority

    Definition: to shine or sparkle

    Definition: the most important thing at a certain time

    Sentence: The silver bells look so lovely when they glitter in the candlelight.

    Sentence: My highest priority after school is to get my homework done.


    Word: drenched

    Word: intuition

    Definition: soaking wet through and through

    Definition: the ability to guess about something correctly

    Sentence: We got drenched when we were caught out in the rain without an umbrella.

    Sentence: My intuition was right! There was a pop quiz today.


    Word: absorb

    Word: gorgeous

    Definition: to soak up something

    Definition: beautiful or very pleasing to look at

    Sentence: A heavy-duty sponge can absorb even a big puddle of milk.

    Sentence: The tropical garden was filled with gorgeous plants and birds.


    Word: adapt

    Word: courteous

    Definition: to easily fit into all sorts of different situations

    Definition: polite and respectful

    Sentence: A chameleon can adapt to its surroundings by changing color to blend in with rocks and trees.

    Sentence: It’s a good idea to be courteous when you speak to adults.



    Word of the Day: Week of 10/2



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: habitat

    Word: burrow

    Definition: the home to a particular group of plants and animals

    Definition: to dig a hole in the ground

    Sentence: Although you might see a lion at a wild animal park, its natural habitat is the African savannah.

    Sentence: Rodents like moles and groundhogs burrow tunnels underground.


    Word: mischief

    Word: patronize

    Definition: behavior that often annoys or irritates others

    Definition: to shop at or use the services of regularly

    Sentence: When the puppies chewed up Pop-pop’s new slippers, their mischief finally got them in trouble.

    Sentence: My parents prefer to patronize the locally owned market instead of the national chain.


    Word: moist

    Word: galaxy

    Definition: slightly wet or damp

    Definition: an independent system of stars, gas, dust, and planets

    Sentence: I used a moist towel to wipe the pencil marks off my desk.

    Sentence: Earth is in the galaxy called the Milky Way.


    Word: nerve

    Word: lackadaisical

    Definition: a bundle of fibers between the brain and parts of the body or courage or bravery

    Definition: to not show much interest or enthusiasm about something

    Sentence: When you touch something hot, your nerves tell your brain there’s pain, and your brain tells your hand to let go. The firefighter had a lot of nerve to run into the burning building.

    Sentence: You probably won’t improve too quickly on the piano if you have such a lackadaisical attitude about practicing.


    Word: gossip

    Word: influential

    Definition: to talk about other people’s personal matters, whether or not you’re sure that what you’re saying is the truth

    Definition: having the power to get others to do something without commanding or using force

    Sentence: The neighbors gossiped about why the Smith family moved to New York, but no one really knew for sure.

    Sentence: A very influential music teacher convinced me to continue studying the cello.




    Word of the Day: Week of 10/9



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: gloomy

    Word: enlist

    Definition: dark and sad

    Definition: to join the armed forces or to get the help or support of someone

    Sentence: Soon the dark clouds had turned our sunny picnic into a gloomy outing.

    Sentence: My older brother will enlist in the U.S. Army after graduation. We had to enlist the fire department to rescue our cat from the chimney.


    Word: ache

    Word: authentic

    Definition: a dull, steady pain

    Definition: the real thing

    Sentence: After the doctor gave me a flu shot, I had an ache in my arm for a few days.

    Sentence: The sofa was made from authentic leather.


    Word: lofty

    Word: irresistible

    Definition: very high, grand, or proud

    Definition: not capable of being resisted

    Sentence: The eagle looked down over the entire valley from his lofty perch in the trees.

    Sentence: The fuzzy puppy was so irresistible that I just had to take it home.


    Word: dawdle

    Word: compel

    Definition: to take extra time to do something

    Definition: to drive or urge forcefully to do something

    Sentence: If you dawdle before breakfast, you’ll miss your bus to school.

    Sentence: My football coach compels me to do my best.




    Word of the Day: Week of 10/16



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: obligation

    Word: circumstance

    Definition: something that you must do

    Definition: the time, place, and conditions of a particular event

    Sentence: After my birthday, one of my obligations is to write thank-you notes to the people who gave me gifts.

    Sentence: Due to unavoidable circumstances, the football game had to be cancelled.


    Word: panic

    Word: juvenile

    Definition: a sudden feeling of fear that comes over a person or group of people

    Definition: a young person or adolescent

    Sentence: I felt panic when I got separated from my family in a crowd.

    Sentence: The marathon had a special prize for juvenile runners.


    Word: random

    Word: endeavor

    Definition: something that does not follow any pattern or order

    Definition: a serious attempt to do something or to make an effort

    Sentence: The teacher put everyone’s name in a hat and chose the teams at random.

    Sentence: He was successful in his endeavor to get an “A.” He planned to endeavor to become a scientist.


    Word: obvious

    Word: triumph

    Definition: something that is very easy to see or understand

    Definition: to obtain a great success or victory

    Sentence: It was obvious from the smile on her face that she was happy to see her grandmother.

    Sentence: The gymnast triumphed in the competition and won an Olympic gold medal.


    Word: determined

    Word: buoyant

    Definition: when you make a firm decision to do something

    Definition: capable of floating

    Sentence: No matter what anyone else said, Jordan was determined to finish the race.

    Sentence: The inner tube was buoyant enough to support three people.




    Word of the Day: Week of 10/23



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: dilemma

    Word: murmur

    Definition: a situation when you have to make a difficult choice

    Definition: to say words in a soft voice

    Sentence: Brittany’s dilemma was whether to go to her softball game or stay after school for math tutoring.

    Sentence: It’s okay to murmur in the library.


    Word: collide

    Word: enthrall

    Definition: when two things crash into each other

    Definition: to hold the interest of someone completely

    Sentence: If you don’t watch where you’re going, you can collide with someone.

    Sentence: I was so enthralled by the book that I read nonstop for hours.


    Word: criticize

    Word: dignity

    Definition: to tell someone about what he or she has done wrong

    Definition: the act of showing one’s pride in a confident manner

    Sentence: The father criticized his son’s poor table manners.

    Sentence: The Olympic figure skater glider onto the ice with dignity and grace.


    Word: compass

    Word: gesture

    Definition: a tool that can help you figure out in which direction you are facing

    Definition: a movement of the hands or head that has meaning or to move your hands or head to emphasize what you are saying or thinking

    Sentence: We used our compass to help us find our way out of the forest.

    Sentence: An international gesture meaning “silence” is an index finger pressed to the lips. My mother used it to gesture to me during the concert.


    Word: atmosphere

    Word: aquatic

    Definition: the mood or feeling of a place

    Definition: growing or living in water

    Sentence: The atmosphere at the funeral was quiet and serious.

    Sentence: The aquatic flowers sparkled in the sunlight reflected off the water.




    Word of the Day: Week of 10/30



    Grades 1-4

    Grades 5-8


    Word: perplexed

    Word: concise

    Definition: to be confused or not understand something

    Definition: brief or expressed in a few words

    Sentence: I was perplexed as I studied the map and read the directions to the museum.

    Sentence: Isaac’s report was concise yet packed with information.


    Word: unruly

    Word: banter

    Definition: someone or something that is hard to control

    Definition: playful teasing or joking

    Sentence: The unruly crowd went wild when the rock concert started.

    Sentence: The backstage banter stopped as soon as the rehearsal began.


    Word: resource

    Word: enunciate

    Definition: someone or something that provides information

    Definition: to pronounce words clearly

    Sentence: The library is a great resource for all sorts of subjects.

    Sentence: Our teacher enunciates so students who are learning English can understand her.


    Word: predicament

    Word: intimate

    Definition: a difficult or unpleasant situation

    Definition: close and familiar or very personal or private

    Sentence: The climber was in a predicament when his safety rope came loose.

    Sentence: My sister’s wedding was very intimate since only family and close friends were invited. I wrote about it in my diary, where I record my most intimate thoughts.


    Word: spontaneous

    Word: mischievous

    Definition: something that is done without planning

    Definition: playful, but naughty

    Sentence: I can’t make spontaneous plans after school; I have to make plans the night before.

    Sentence: The mischievous puppy chewed on all my shoes.