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    This is a picture of physical education equipment with a qoute "Every child is a winner when they try their very best"


    Fitness calender - Fitness at home

    The link below is a fitness calender that you can use to keep active at home while you are practicing social distancing.  adjust the calender to what works best for you.  You can increase/decrease number of repetitions/exercises.  Set goals and adjust them to keep challenging yourself.  You can also make a calender of your own to track your daily fitness. 


    *Click on the link below for tools for creating an active home including fun fitness activities as well as activities designed for physical/social distancing.  I hope everyone stays safe and active. 



    Physical Education Philosophy

    To prepare all students with a variety of movement experiences that will lead to an active and healthy lifestyle.



    Physical Education contributes to the physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being of the student. Our curriculum is devoted to purposeful instruction in developmentally appropriate activities to promote a positive self-concept through fitness, sport, and lifetime activities. Each student is able to achieve success according to his/her ability. Participation and involvement are required at all levels.  Health related fitness is the goal for all students. The curriculum intent is to provide students of all abilities and interests with a variety of movement experiences that will lead to an active and healthy life. Activities are taught in a coeducational environment. Fitness testing is administered each year with the focus on health-related fitness concepts.  Students needing adapted physical education are scheduled into a program tailored to their needs.

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    Contact Information:

    Dave Shell
    Health and physical education teacher
    Harris School
    (610) 522-4370 Ext 3210