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    Our rock path will be going in soon! The rocks have been polyorothaned for our outside path!  Last September the staff and students painted rocks for ur courtyard path. The project was based on the book Only One You! by Linda Kranz.

    September-All students will review classroom expectations and goals for the school year.

    Yearly projects:

    First grade-introduced to the Harris Bear Mascot, firetruck-painting and cutting shapes, fall tree-crayon relief and painting, turkeys, gingerbread person, paperchain, snowperson, mousepaint, New Year's bells, heart bags, doves, Pete the Cat, ladybugs, life-cycle of the butterfly, butterfly-glyph

    Second Grade-pumpkin landscape, Owl and Moon-project, scarecrow, pop-up cards, portraits, paper strip design, Monet Bridge reflection, snow mobile, Matthew's Dream collage, Emotive faces, Matise fish bowl

    Third Grade-symmetrical spiders, DembonesTurkey in Disguise, Snowglobe Family, Deer, flying figures, heart animals, American Gothic portrait, Rainbow Fish, motion picture

    Fourth Grade- peace signs, haunted landscape, fall leaf relief, ariel snow person, thunderbird, letter metamorphosis, Horace Pippin portrait, textured vases, Pennsylvania Day quilt square, masks

    Fifth Grade-Trolley contest, Batiq quilt square, hot chocolate, winter silhouette, Picasso portrait, weaving, shoes dsign, Roussea landscape, Okeefe flower, tesselations, falling back

    Sixth grade- caricature self-portrait, zentangle design, flying planes, torn paper logo, gear art, recycled tube relief, CD book of art elements, circle design, printmaking, yipwon, character tree

    Seventh grade-color wheel, Mehdi hands, Oaxacon animal painting, optical illusion hand, paper mache letter, water color tree, self-portrit grid

    Eighth grade-self-portrait, perspective, foil design, value study, quilt code, sculls, star tessellations, artist study, pop art, eye landscape

    Life Skills students- Participate in many of the projects throughout the year. They enterned the Philadelphia Flower Show last year with their animal seed relief designs. 


      Below is the link for the related arts goals for the curriculum:

      Related Arts Scope and Sequence 


      Below is the link for my profesional portfolio and student work:

      Portfolio and Student Work

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