ESL (English as a Second Language)

  • English language learners in the Southeast Delco School District represent over 18 different languages and more than 23 different countries. The course is flexible and is based on the needs of the learners in the program. Interdisciplinary content materials, as well as materials specifically designed for ESL, are used as the medium for students. The goal is to provide students with the framework to use English to communicate in social settings, to achieve academically in all content areas, and to communicate in socially and culturally appropriate ways.

    The program is designed to enable English language learners to access the mainstream curriculum and to achieve their personal best in the school setting as well as becoming responsible citizens in the local, national, and worldwide community.

    ESL instruction is provided by certified teachers from the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. Students receive pull-out instruction from the ESL teacher, while taking academic classes within the regular classrooms. Southeast Delco is part of the county’s ESL Consortium which provides staff development and consulting services to teachers and administrators.

    Anyone needing further information concerning ESL should contact the Pupil Services Office at 610-522-4300, extension 5316.
Last Modified on July 2, 2018