• Student Council
    Student Council Can Drive:
    • The Can Drive will run from Monday, 11/5 until Friday, 11/16. 
    • Each HR will receive a Wawa crate at some point today to store collected cans.  The cafeteria is generously sharing their crates with us, but these will need to be returned to them after the Can Drive is over.
    • Student Council members will be around each afternoon to count and collect cans/non-perishable items.
    • All canned goods will be donated to 2 local churches/food banks that serve our community.  Both churches were extremely grateful for our 2,500+ canned goods last year. 
    • The top 3 HRs that collect the most cans will earn a dress down day (most likely on Thursday, 12/6).
    •  If the school brings in 3,000 cans or more, Mrs. Mosakowski will dress as a turkey and Mr. Wade will dress as a pilgrim all day on Wednesday, November 21st.
    • The HR and School totals will be updated daily and posted on the Student Council Bulletin Board in the cafeteria on the Campbell Soup cans.
    • Since we are aiming to beat last year's total by 500 cans, we are trying something new.  Each non-homeroom faculty and staff member will now be paired with a homeroom should he/she choose to donate cans (drop off your cans to that room).  If that HR wins a dress down day, then the non-HR faculty/staff member would take part in that day as well (see attached list).
    Last year was a HUGE success!  Let's try to beat last year's total.
    Thanks for your support!
    Nicole & Camile