• Welcome to Third Grade-Room 107!

    Welcome to my class! I look forward to a rewarding and enriching learning experience together.  Students in my class will become a part of TEAM 107 as we work and learn, explore and have fun while being educated in the third grade curriculum.
    Welcome Families!
    Week of March 30, 2020
    Suggested Activities For Room 107
    *****Additional Grade 3 Suggestions are on the Southeast Delco Home Page***** 
    A. Choose one fiction story to reread from your "My Book."
    Select an activity each day from the following:
    1. What was the Author’s Purpose in writing this story? How do you know? 
    2. If you were the author, what would you change about the story?
    3. Write a journal entry as if YOU were one of the characters; How are you feeling and why?
    4. Is this story written in first person or third person? How do you know?
    5. Compare and Contrast two characters in the story. 
    B. Daily Journaling Suggestions
    Others Matter Monday- What is something you do to help others in need? Tell me about it!
    Ticklish Tuesday: What is something that makes you laugh? Why?
    Wishing Well Wednesday: If you cold make ONE wish, what would it be and why?
    Three Things Thursday: Oh No! You are stranded on an island and you can only have 3 things with you; what would they be and why?
    "Froot Loop" Friday: What is your favorite brand of cereal? Describe what makes it your favorite.  I bet you know mine....
    (Lucky Charms!)
    C. Read for 30 minutes each day.
    D. Math Activities
    1. Roll 2 Dice and multiply them together. Do this 25 times and write down the facts for each.
    2. Draw 10 different shapes. Each shape should have 3 sides, 4, sides, 5 sides, or 6 sides. Then label each shape as a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon or hexagon. 
    3. Create a bookmark. On each side of the bookmark, label and illustrate a strategy to help new learners how to multiply. Make it colorful and helpful!
    4.  Write 20- two digit numbers. Round to the nearest ten. Then write 20- three digit numbers. Round to the nearest hundred.
    5. You are having lunch at McDonalds! You have $5.00. What will you buy? How much was your bill? What was the change left over?
    McDonalds Menu:
    Cheeseburger: $1.00
    Chicken Nuggets: $1.99
    French Fries: $1.39
    Sundae: $1.29
    Ice Cream Cone: 1.00
    Soda: $1.00
    Chocolate Chip Cookie: $0.39
    E. Online Suggestions:
    Study Island Math and Reading Practice: at www.studyisland.com (Student login information is inside their agenda book)
    Scholastic Daily lessons for reading, thinking and growing (Grade 3-5) at www.Scholastic.com/learnathome
    JrBrainPOP Username: lisa.mcdonough Password: delcroftkids #1
    XtraMath at www.xtramath.org (Individual Enrollment Codes have been mailed home)
    Fun Brain -Math and Reading Games at www.funbrain.com
    Tutorified-Early Elementary ELA and Math Practice at www.tutorified.com
    Steve Spangler Science at Home at www.stevespanglerscience.com
    ClassFit Free workout videos for Kids and Parents at www.getclassfit.com
    Welcome Back!