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    Art Activities and Resources

    Silly Drawing Prompts

    • Combine two animals to create a new one.
    • Draw a dinosaur crying.
    • Draw a lizard putting on lipstick.
    • Draw a cat playing a sport.
    • Draw a banana slipping on banana peels.
    • Draw a donut riding a skateboard.
    • Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation.
    • Draw a lemon making orange juice.
    • Draw a basketball player dunking a chicken.
    • Draw your teacher as a zombie.
    • Draw a clown sneezing out flowers.
    • Draw a troll riding a unicorn.
    • Draw a dragon breathing rainbows.
    • Draw a pair of scissors running.
    • Draw a mountain topped with glitter.
    • Draw a cabin on top of a cloud.
    • Draw the moon howling at a wolf.
    • Draw an eye with tree branches for lashes.
    • Reinvent your favorite team’s logo.
    • Draw a plant with a face.

    For more “Silly Drawing Prompts”- https://theartofeducation.edu/2017/04/10/100-silly-drawing-prompts-engage-students/


    Sketchbook Drawing Prompts

    • Draw family members with things that are important to them.
    • Make a portrait of yourself in twenty years. Or in fifty years. Or both.
    • Draw something or someone you love.
    • Draw something from a pet’s point of view.
    • Draw your favorite food.
    • Draw the oldest thing in your refrigerator.
    • Draw a piece of fruit every day until it becomes rotten.
    • Create three drawings of messes you have made.
    • Draw five objects with interesting textures: wood grain, floors, tiles, walls, fabric, etc.
    • Let someone else choose your subject and tell you what to draw.

    For more “Sketchbook Drawing Prompts”- https://theartofeducation.edu/2015/11/10/100-sketchbook-prompts-your-students-will-love/


    Other Drawing Resources:

    Instructed Video Drawing with Age Levels: https://www.artforkidshub.com/

    Mo Willems (Artist and Illustrator) Lunch Time Guided Drawings: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL14hRqd0PELGbKihHuTqx_pbvCLqGbOkF

    Cassie Stephens (Art Teacher) Videos- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdEo82iK2lzwMqCxBuQmmrQ


    Want to make art, but don’t have traditional art supplies? Let’s get creative

    Homemade Paints


    -Condiments: ketchup, mustard, chocolate sauce

    - Spices mixed with a little water

    - Drinks: Tea bags, juice, coffee grinds, Kool-Aid

    -Food coloring

    -Jell-O Powder

    - Fruit: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries


    - Mud and dirt (mix with different amounts of water)

    - Leaves, berries, or flowers crushed

    -Water on an OUTSIDE wall.


    Unique Brushes

    ·         Q-tips


    ·         Rubber Bands


    ·         Sponges


    ·         Cotton balls


    ·         Your fingers


    ·         Sticks


    ·         Marbles (roll them in a box with paint and paper)


    ·         Straws (dip the end in paint and blow)


    Things to Paint

    ·         Boxes (cereal, shoe, delivery)


    ·         Newspaper


    ·         Magazines


    ·         Napkins (color with marker, spray with water, and open it up)


    ·         Car (water only)


    ·         Pizza boxes


    ·         Paper plates and bowls



    Make your own!

    • Make your own paper: Newspaper and blender
    • Make your own watercolor paint from markers: Soak the insides of old markers in water overnight
    • Make your own marbleizing: Shaving cream with food coloring dripped on, swirl lightly, lay paper on, scrape of shaving cream!
    • Bubbles with a little color added and blown onto paper
    • Milk Paint- add food coloring to milk and paint it on items like bread. Then eat it!
    • Homemade play doughs.
    • Textured rubbings- take a crayon with a paper and rub against the trees, rocks, gravel, cardboard, etc to see their textures.
    • Stamping: Legos, cardboard tubes, cut fruit (potatoes, apples) etc
    • Nature Mandalas
    • Found objects