Curriculum and Instruction

  • The Southeast Delco School District is committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students in order to prepare them with the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed both in higher education and the workplace. The District provides a comprehensive instructional program to serve the educational needs of all students through a rigorous curriculum aligned to the PA Core Standards, on-going assessment practices, and varied student servicesA well-designed curriculum can assist teachers in designing powerful learning experiences, providing seamless course / grade progressions, and improving student performance. In Southeast Delco, teachers take an active part in curriculum development.

    The office of Curriculum and Instruction coordinates and oversees the district curriculum, instruction, and assessments, as well as the professional development of teachers and administrators across the district.  Through collaboration with district administrators, principals, and teachers, the office of Curriculum and Instruction strives to support the mission of Southeast Delco School District by facilitating the design and implementation of engaging learning opportunities with the purpose of enhancing student learning and increasing academic achievement. 

Last Modified on June 20, 2017