• apple Welcome, today is Sunday, March 29, 2020.
    Parents and Students -
    I know this is a difficult time for all of us.  Please know I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts.  I miss seeing my students and look forward to being back in the classroom.  Below are some math and reading suggestions for your child.  If necessary, I will add additional suggestions.  If you would like your child to access EPIC (free reading app) or need additional resources, please email me.  I will be checking my email daily.
    Mrs. Baxter

    Math -

    • Money - we recently worked with pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters;  your child can either count real change or create combinations of coins for different amounts (for example, 3 ways to make $1.00)
    • Time - we recently worked with clocks - telling time to the five minutes - if you have analog clocks your child can write the time and draw the clock - I know most homes have digital clocks so your child could draw the clock to match the time
    • Math Facts - these are so important - when we return we will be continuing 3-digit addition and subtraction - practicing simple addition and subtraction facts quickly can be helpful

    Reading -

    • Continue reading for fun
    • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story
    • Fold a piece of paper into four squares - if the book is a story, in each box write/draw the characters, setting, problem and solution; if the book is nonfiction (about a topic) write a fact or draw/label an important piece of information in each box
    • Write a different ending
    • Go back into your Superkids workbook and review the spelling words we learned over the past few weeks


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