Office of the Superintendent of Schools

  • Yasir N. Roundtree serves the Southeast Delco School District as its Acting Superintendent of Schools.


    Mr. Roundtree is energized by the promise and potential of our 4,300+ children here in Southeast Delco and this is what fuels the commitment to equity that he maintains aimed at providing the students who attend our schools with the same opportunities as their peers in surrounding school districts without attention to any cost because there is simply no other option as they are deserving of nothing less.  The knowledge he has acquired, the skills he has developed, and the lessons he has learned through his rich, varied prior experiences as a classroom teacher, leadership support staff member, and school leader have provided him with the tools and strategies that enable him to support other educators in accelerating progress, improving student achievement, enhancing educator effectiveness, and building organizational capacity.


    Prior to his appointment as the Acting Superintendent, Mr. Roundtree served as a Principal with the School District of Philadelphia.  As a Principal, Mr. Roundtree was assigned to an elementary school that he once attended and tasked with developing healthy adult and student cultures, promoting effective collaboration within and across the school community, and instituting child-focused practices that ensured the needs of the student populations served by the school were met without exception.  For Mr. Roundtree, this experience was one that he will forever look back on with pride, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment.


    Before rising the ranks and serving as a Principal, Mr. Roundtree enjoyed working with elementary, middle, and high school children as a classroom teacher who provided direct instruction in English, Social Studies, and Vocational Early Child Care and Education.  He also served as a Gifted Support Program Coordinator, Assistant Athletic Director, Administrative Assistant, and Turnaround Assistant Principal.  As a high school English teacher in West Philadelphia, Mr. Roundtree worked closely with his respected, veteran Principal and his dynamic colleagues in the English Department to double the school’s PVAAS growth index in English Language Arts by guiding his students to produce breakthrough results and exceed the Pennsylvania standard for academic growth.  Additionally, with the support of a grant from the William Penn Foundation, he developed the curriculum for the School District of Philadelphia’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program for Early Child Care and Education, also partnering with Philadelphia Academies, Inc., Drexel University, and the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC) in order to design the program.  As a Turnaround Assistant Principal, Mr. Roundtree was a key instructional leader who focused on the continuous improvement of learning and teaching schoolwide by retooling instructional systems and structures, the most notable results of which were increases in teacher value-added growth and year-over-year student proficiency on the Keystone Exams.


    A graduate of Cheyney University, American College of Education, and Lincoln University who believes in the value of lifelong learning, disciplined inquiry, and reflective practice, Mr. Roundtree continues to further his education through traditional college coursework and other forms of professional development.  His credentials include Pennsylvania teaching certifications for Early Childhood N-3, Elementary K-6, English 7-12, Reading Specialist PK-12, and Social Studies 7-12, as well as administrative certifications for Vocational Administrative Director 7-12 and Principal PK-12.  Mr. Roundtree has earned degrees in elementary education, educational leadership, and for reading specialist and holds a Superintendent’s Letter.

Last Modified on April 12, 2020