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    Sharon Hill School: Where We Inspire To Go Higher!
    Getting to know your school counselor:
    I am excited to work with the students and families at Sharon Hill School. I encourage you to contact me at any time througout the school year. I will be happy to assist and work with you so that all students and parents have a successful and fulfilling experience at SHS.
    What is my role at SHS?
    As the counselor at SHS my roles are, but not limited to, running small groups, offering developmental school counseling lessons to our classes, and meeting with students individually on an as needed basis. I consult and colloborate with our teachers, administrators, and support personnel (school psychologist, social workers, etc.) daily to ensure the needs of all students are being met. In addition, I am able to provide parents with information on resources in the community for their children.

    Please access the following link to explore resources or contact the counselor: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1llIE0dxUQdiPsTsyuYaIyz7t2JvZhz8upAn9SfKI2x8/present?token=AC4w5VhS2bP3RI87Sg78K9xB_kQ


    Contact Information:

    Mrs. J. Thomas
    School Counselor
    Sharon Hill School
    701 Coates Street
    Sharon Hill, PA 19079
    610-522-4355 ext. 4534
    **Communications with parents and students are kept in strict confidence unless otherwise permitted to be shared or should meet the rules and ethical guidelines established by the American School Counsleor Association as mandated reporting .**