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    This year Library will be a little different due to the change to virtual coursework during the first marking period. Over this school year, it is our desire that students will access a variety of reading material and develop a love of reading. I will attempt to find ways to provide access to electronic books throughout the year. This may come in the format of videos, PDF files, and Public Library Links that require a local Library Card Number which can be acquired on your local Library website. Please email me if you have questions anytime. I will respond as soon as I am able.
    We will be using a lot more technology this year. Students will have access to more databases and sources for research projects largely as a result of being virtual. Our 5th, 7th, and 8th grade students will be submitting artifacts for our Naviance program. All students in grades 3-8 will be required to learn and use Google Classroom.  Grades 1 and 2, wil be using Google Classroom if they are able, or they can be sent projects and videos through Class Dojo. They will be using their sedelco e-mail address for login. The password is $tudent1 unless they change it on their own.
    Students have my class for 40 minutes. I see the students in grades 1-5 once a week during our first marking period. All students are allowed to check out books  while we are in the building, and are responsible for any book checked out under their name. If you do not want your child to check out a book, have any questions about book checkout, or lost book fees, please call me and leave a detailed message if I don't answer so I can back to you right away. If email is easier than a please contact me at or
    For Back to School Night I will be popping into a few classes. 


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    Ms. Striar
    SHS Librarian
    610-522-4355 x4523
    Google Phone #: (302) 440-4366

    Phone #:(302) 440-4366


Marking Period 2 Choice Boards

Marking Period 2 Choice Boards

  • These are the choices. Each student has a copy or link to each of these assignments in the classwork section of their Google Classroom.
    To create your own copy of any of these documents outside the Google Classroom:
    1. Please log in using a student email.
    2. Open the link, click "file"
    3. Click "Make a Copy" on the drop down menu. This will create a new copy you can type on.
    4. Make sure to change the name to include your students name, grade, and homeroom teacher.
    **Copies can be "shared" to
    **You can also choose to print these documents and send me a picture of the completed assignment through Dojo.