• Welcome to 7th grade Mathematics, today is Monday, June 17, 2019.

     About Pre-Algebra

    Lason Pre-Algebra will give your child a strong foundation in algebra while also preparing them for future study of geometry, probability and data analysis.  This book will also help your child becomes better at taking notes and taking tests.  In many ways Larson Pre-Algebra puts your students on the road to success in mathematics.

    To access the textbook online:
    username: shafer70
    password: math1

      About enVision math 2.0

    Over the past twenty years, there have been numerous research studies measuring the effectiveness of problem-based learning, a key part of the core instructional approach used in enVision math 2.0.  These studies have found that students taught partly or fully through problem-based learning showed greater gains in learning.  However, the interaction of problem based learning, which fosters informal mathematical learning, and more explicit visual instruction that formalizes mathematical concepts with visual representations leads to the greatest gains for students.  The enVision math 2.0 instructional model is built on the interaction between these two instructional approaches.


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