• Welcome to Sharon Hill's 7th Grade English Language Arts bookworm   

    Our daily 80-minute English Language Arts block is comprised of both interactive and independent reading strategies, as well as analysis of literary elements, vocabulary, grammar, and writing.  In addition, your child will be an active participate in a collaborative reading/writing workshop environment.  During each block, students will participate in a variety of activities and assessments that will account for their quarterly grades in the following manner:

    •  75% Assessments (unit “Collection” tests, grammar and vocabulary quizzes, selection quizzes, writing assignments, "Book Talks")

    • 15% Classwork (reading and writing assignments, grammar, vocabulary in reading & writing workshops)

    • 10% Homework (paperback “Close Reader”; grammar supplements; novel readings & responses)


    To ensure that every 7th grade student at Sharon Hill School is successful this year, I am sharing our classroom and building expectations (The High Five).   Additionally, I have attached a copy of our middle school PBIS system for your reference.

    The High Five

    1.     Be Respectful

    2.    Be Prepared

    3.    Be Ready to Work

    4.    Be Engaged and Accountable

    5.    Be Positive


    I look most forward to relaying the positive behaviors, attitudes and efforts your child displays.


    If you need to contact me, my email address is bbasile@sedelco.org, and my school phone is 610-522-4355, ext. 4572 

    Kindest Regards,


    Ms. Brenn A. Basile

    7th Grade English Language Arts

    Sharon Hill School

    610-522-4355 (ext. 4572)