• Welcome to Sharon Hill's 7th Grade English Language Arts bookworm Ms. Basile

            Our daily English Language Arts block is comprised of both interactive and independent reading strategies, as well as analysis of literary elements, vocabulary, grammar, and writing.  Your child will be an active participnt in a collaborative reading and writing workshop environment. How this will look during our first marking period will be much different since we will be learning on-line.  However, we will navigate these changes together as we discover what works best for each child. I want to emphasize that these times will involve a learning curve for all of us--we are all active learners, and as such, I assure you that we will be flexible in terms of synchronous (real-time interaction) and asynchronous (without real-time interaction) learning activities.

           During each class block, students will participate in a variety of activities and assessments that will account for their quarterly grades in the following manner: 

    •  75% Assessments (grammar and vocabulary quizzes, selection quizzes, writing assignments)
    • 15% Classwork (reading and writing assignments, grammar and vocabulary activities)

    • 10% Homework (on as-needed basis, independent practice in the form of:  selection readings & written responses, grammar and vocabulary practice) 

     Contact methods:

    Email addresses: bbasile@sedelco.org and bbasile@sedstudent.org


    Google Voice (phone and text):  302-367-7507

    Class Dojo: 


    You will need to email me your email address so that I can invite you to our 7th Grade Class Dojo. 

    PowerSchool:  Please refer to our district webpage at www.sedelco.org and click on the PowerSchool link or click here: www.sedelco.org/Page/4844 where you will complete the form to get set up on PowerSchool, which will give you access to your child's grades and important posts and messages from your child's teachers.  If you already have access, you do not need to do this again.  If you are having any issues after completing the form, please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@sedelco.org.  Links to our 7th grade Virtual Back to School Night Presentations and our Title 1 Funds for 2020-21 are below. 

    Link for the 7th Grade Virtual Back to School Night with Parents 2020-21



    Virtual Back to School Night 7th Grade 2020-21



    Title 1 Funds 2020-21



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    Ms. Brenn A. Basile, M.Ed.

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