• Principal Ashwina Mosakowski
    Hello parents, students, and staff,
    At Darby Township School, we believe that every child is an achiever.  Our staff is committed to the academic and personal success of every child.  We strive to know each and every student, so we can hone in on his or her skills while tailoring our instruction to target his or her individual needs.
    I am honored and privileged to serve as Darby Township School’s Principal. Here are my priorities as principal for the school year 2015/2016:
    * Maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment.
    * Ensuring that students are receiving quality instruction.
    * Supporting the professional staff on their journey towards excellence.
    * Ensuring that students and staff have fun at DTS.
    We are fortunate at DTS to have an active Home & School; they work closely with staff and administration to plan family oriented events, fundraisers, and school-based activities for our students.  I strongly urge DTS parents to join our Home & School by talking to Margaret Rogers Bing (School Secretary) and to become actively engaged in the school. Parents, students, and staff thank you in advance for your collaborative work that makes our school successful.
    Ashwina Mosakowski