School Board

Front row from left: Tanya Cavalieri, Dr. Sharon Wilson, Vice President, Theresa Harris-Johnson, President,
Cynthia Williams, and Dorothy Gallagher. Back row from left: Dr. Stephen D. Butz, Superintendent,
Tammi Forbes, Donald J. Young, Abdulai Gassama, Student Representative, Edward McBride,
Sherri Monroe, and Eniolaye Ajiboye, Student Representative.
Southeast Delco Board of School Directors

 Ms. Theresa Harris-Johnson, President
 Dr. Sharon Wilson, Vice President 
 Ms. Tanya Cavalieri
 Mrs. Tammi Forbes
 Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher
 Mr. Edward McBride
 Ms. Sheree Monroe
 Mrs. Cynthia Williams
 Mr. Donald J. Young
 Dr. Stephen D. Butz, Superintendent
Eniolaye Ajiboye
, Student Representative

 Mr. Abdulai Gassama, Student Representative 
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