• Welcome!
    Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students!

          Welcome.  This is the start of a new and exciting school year.    I am glad to have you as part of our 4th grade class here at DTS.  Ensuring your child a well-rounded education is very important to me.  This is a significant time in their life, and with your help and support, we can accomplish this goal together.

       Our class will use Classroom rules for consistency.  Our management system is based on positive reinforcement and having students realize that they are responsible for their own actions.   
       This year I hope for your child’s engagement and enthusiasm when working in my classroom.  I will guide them through this process and it is important to receive help from home as well.  I hope you will ask your child to share their work with you, and would appreciate a signature or initial after your child has completed the homework in their homework agendas.
       In the enclosed attachments, please note the supply list.  It is important to return all necessary paperwork signed as well.  If you need to get in touch with me please call Darby Township School at 610-522-4375 x1125, the hours before and immediately after school will work the best.  Please note that an appointment is necessary for any meetings. I welcome parent help and involvement.  If anyone is interested in joining the Home & School, please let me know at Back to School Night.
       Thank you in advance for your help and support in the upcoming school year.  If there is anything I can do to help your child have a wonderful year, please do not hesitate to ask.  I look forward to working with your child and meeting you!  Thanks for your time, help, and trust.


                                                                                                                            Mrs. Preston



    * Please make sure your child is prepared with the supplies requested *

    Copybooks and Folders are needed immediately.