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    Students who abide by the following policy are rewarded with monthly rewards and marking period rewards.


    Late Arrival Discipline Policy

    Students who arrive late to school for arrival, after 8:40a.m., are given a late slip. Students may have one late arrival per week with no consequence. However, any student receiving two or more late slips per week will receive a recess/lunch detention for each successive lateness that week. 


    In School Discipline

    Any student who is late to class, disruptive, disrespectful to others, at his or her locker at the wrong time, unprepared for class, has a phone in class, or is out of uniform, will receive a recess detention. 


    The following infractions will be referred to administration for administrative action. Possible consequences include after school detentions, in-school suspensions or out-of-school suspensions.


    A student will receive three recess/lunch detentions before being given an administrative detention. There will be no eating, sleeping, or electronics in detention. The detention will be held on either Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. The student is responsible for transportation to or from detention.


    When the administrative detention has been served by the student, the three recess detentions and one 1-hour detention cycle starts again. An 8th detention will result in an In-School-Suspension. A 12th lunch detention results in an Out-of-School-Suspensions.


    During detention the student may complete homework, study for a school test, or read. The detention will be served in silence. Any student that is disruptive during detention will be asked to leave and will receive an In-School-Suspension. Any student who misses a detention or is late will receive an In-School-Suspension.


    Each marking period has a reward trip/day. Should a student receive 3 administrative detentions or a total of 12 lunch detentions in a marking period, the student will be excluded from the trip for that marking period. Any students with an “F” on his or her report card will also be excluded from the trip.


    If a student receives two or more In-School-Suspensions during a marking period, the student will also be excluded from the reward trip for that marking period.


    If a student receives one or more Out-of-School-Suspension during a marking period, the student will also be excluded from the reward trip for that marking period.


    Electronic Device Policy

    The middle school staff will strictly adhere to the district policy on electronic devices which can be found in the school handbook.



    Hallway Passes

    Each student will be given a Hallway Pass Sheet at the start of the school week.  Every student must present the Hallway Pass Sheet to a teacher if the student would like to leave the classroom to go to the nurse, bathroom, or for a drink of water. The Hallway Pass Sheet allows each student to exit a room up to twice a day. It remains the teacher's discretion whether to allow a student to leave the classroom, and the student will have to abide by the teacher's decision. If a student does not have a Hallway Pass Sheet, he or she may not leave the room unless the teacher writes a special pass for the student.