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    Welcome to the Sharon Hill School!

       I am Ms. Helmandollar, 6th Grade English/language arts teacher. My job entails developing students into proficient, on-grade level, middle school readers.  The most effective way to excel in reading is to practice daily. To that end, every student should read for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes nightly. Reading should be a fun, enjoyable, engaging experience. Students should choose what they read, as long as they enjoy reading.
    For updates and new information please go on my 6th grade website: https://sites.google.com/sedstudent.org/helmandollar-website/home
    If you should have any questions about 6th grade ELA class, please do not hesitate to contact me at 610-522-4355 x 4567 or via email at ahelmandollar@sedelco.org

    Ms. Helmandollar

    Sharon Hill School

    6th Grade Language Arts

    Rm. 67

    610-522-4355 x4567

    Google Voice: 302-428-9535