• Contact Info:

    NAME: Mrs. Kristina Cubbage

    SCHOOL: Academy Park High School/ Darby Township School

    CLASS: Band/ Music Theory

    SCHOOL PHONE: APHS (610)522-4330 EXT. 6200

                              DTS  (610)522-4375 EXT. 1147 

    EMAIL: KCubbage@sedelco.org

    BAND APP: https://band.us/n/a0aa35g9d6wfX  (APHS STUDENTS)
    BAND APP: https://band.us/n/a3ad31gef2CfJ (DTS STUDENTS)
    REMIND: Send a text to 81010  Text this message @aphsband  (APHS STUDENTS and Parents)
    REMIND: Send a text to 81010 Text the message @sehonband  (District Honor Band Students and parents)