• Chemistry - The Central Science

    Hello Fellow Chemists,
    Let's get started! Chemistry is known as The Central Science because it is a foundational link that connects so many other fields of studies together.
    Advanced Placement Chemistry is a course based on the CED from College Board (Click the link to see the Course Exam Description aka CED) designed to cover content from an entry-level College Chemistry course. It is a rigorous full-year course. Connect to the courses Google Classroom for copies of the Notes and Video Lectures.

    Here are some common websites we'll use in class:
    McGrawHill Textbook - Google Classroom - MyAP Classroom - Albert Practice ProblemsPowerSchool - RemindApp - KhanAcademy

    **Earn up to 100 participation bonus points by memorizing the Element Song by Tom Lehr or the New Periodic Table Song by AsapScience!

     Look below for the class Syllabus with a description of what to expect throughout the course and how you will be graded. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to call, text, or email me!

    Mr. Kevin Greto
     (610)522-4330 x6353
    Google Voice: (302) 365-0912
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