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    A homework overview sheet will stay in your child's folder throughout the week as a reminder of what is due. Please refer to the sheet frequently for homework and school updates.

    Spelling: Complete one page of spelling homework in packet every night. Packet is to be handed in on Friday.

    Fluency: Please read the fluency passage in the spelling homework packet every night with your child.

    Math: Math homework is given out when a lesson is completed. It is expected to be turned in the following day.

    Reading: Please read with your child for 15 minutes a night and log it in their reaidng logs.


    Classroom Rules:

    Students are expected to follow classroom rules to ensure a safe and fun learning environment...

    1. Stay in your seat unless permission was asked to get up.

    2. Voice level is at a ZERO while teacher is teaching.

    3. Keep hands and feet to themselves at all times.

    4. Be kind to everyone!

    5. Treat technology with respect.