• Hello Students

    To communicate with your teachers and view your grades you need to be able to access PowerSchool and use it's features. The Confidential ID and Password can be found on the bottom of the paper that was attached to your schedule. If you happen to have misplaced this paper your administrator and/or a secretary can print you out another copy. 

    (1) The First Step will be to Create an Account

    (a) Head to https://sedelco.powerschool.com/public (This will be the only time you need to go to sedelco.powerschool.com, after you create an account you sign in via https://classroom.powerschool.com

    (b) Click on Student Sign In, then scroll down and click create account. Here is where you use the Username and Password at the bottom of the paper the district gave you (Labeled "Your Name" Confidential ID and Password, typically your last name followed by some #s and random #s and Letters for a password). After you plug in your Username and Password, you will be prompted to create a PowerSchool ID and Password. Make the PowerSchool ID an email address you use frequently and make sure to write down your password for later!

    If you have any questions, email kgreto@sedelco.org

    (2) Now Your account is created and you can Sign in and view your progress/communicate with your teacher here: https://classroom.powerschool.com

    Unified Classroom

    (3) The following websites contain videos and links that will help you navigate the PowerSchool Dashboard. Good Luck!

    PowerSchool Navigation