• Get Connected:

    In a world of speed and communication, there is NO reason to be left in the dark.
    Utilize the mediums below to keep in touch with your teacher for important
    class updates and announcements.

    email  EGanther@SEDelco.org

    phone (610) 522-4330 ext. 6343

    gmail  EGanther@sedstudent.org

    Room 343 // Blue Team

    Teacher Schedule:
    Block 1 - CP English
    Block 2 - Prep/Duty
    Block 3 - Honors English
    Block 4 - CP English

    After School (2:15-2:55):
    Monday - Reading Olympics meeting
    Tuesday - Extra Help
    Wednesday - Department Meeting
    Thursday - Extra Help
    Friday - 9th Grade Meeting

    **Utilize extra help time! I am here to help YOU!