General Information

  • The Advanced Placement Literature and Composition course offers high school students the opportunity to possibly earn college credits before they begin their collegiate career. It is integral that each student in the AP course work rigorously through difficult and time-consuming assignments. Students must access and develop their writing, thinking, verbal and study skills throughout the year-long course with active participation in and out of the classroom. It is essential that students perform close readings of literature in various genres of study in order to understand an author’s use of language to provide meaning. Students will be expected to evaluate a text’s structure, style and themes, along with literary elements such as figurative language, imagery, symbolism and tone (“English Literature and Composition Introduction”). A requirement is the student’s completion of the AP Literature and Composition Final Exam in May 9th, 2018 (cost @ $90-possible fee reductions). Please plan accordingly in advance to pay for your exam(s) as you will also be paying for other exams, prom, senior dues, and/or graduation.

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