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    October 2015



    Academy Park High School

    B Average or Better BreakfastTop

    Mrs. Manners and the teachers at Academy Park are excited to kick off the 2015 / 2016 school year and are celebrating student achievement with the B Average or Better Breakfast that has become a tradition over the last 2 years. Students who earn a B Average or Better are invited to attend this celebration where Mrs. Manners cooks up her famous homemade pancakes. Students are recognized at the breakfast after grades for each marking period are submitted. The September celebration recognized the student achievements from last school year's final marking period.  A transfer student that joined us in March of last year commented, "This didn't happen at my old school, these are the best pancakes I have ever tasted."

    Students are engaged and consistently inquiring about their grades in order to maintain eligibility to attend the special celebration. The guidance department supports this effort by consistently checking in with students and generating reports of students who are eligible to attend.

    Academy Park's Million Word Challenge

    The goal of our Million Word Challenge is to provide incentive for students to read more books to continue their path to lifelong learning. We know that reading will help them succeed in all aspects of their life and hope this challenge will help them develop the habit of reading; both educational and for pleasure.

    To date, we have over 50 students who have signed up for the challenge and we are anticipating many more. As the students read a book, they are responsible for completing a reading log and a short book report form that authenticates comprehension of the novel. When they turn in their log and report, Academy Park librarian, Mr. Hooven, estimates the number of words read by using a simple formula.

     Since the program started a few days ago, one freshman student has already completed one book; putting her total number of words read at 85,150. Four students ranging in all grade levels have completed a total of 6 novels for a combined total of 755,894 words. The leader is at 272,544. The challenge ends on March 22, and for those who read over a million words will be invited to a pizza party on March 30. There will also be four $25 gift cards distributed to participants who read over a million words. Prize winners will be announced the day of the party.

    Two quotes that inspired the Million Word Challenge:

     "The habit of daily reading overwhelmingly correlates with better reading skills and higher academic achievement." (To Read or Not to Read, 2007)

     "Students who read independently become better readers; they score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge that those who do not." (Stanovich and Cunningham, 1993)

    Darby Township School

    Back to School at DTS

     To kick off the 2015 / 2016 school year, all Darby Township School families were invited to an insta-meet in the front courtyard of the building on August 31. The DTS Home & School provided refreshments as we welcomed new students and reconnected with returning students.

    The first day of school was on Tuesday, September 1 and it was a burst of joyful energy as students walked the shiny floors of the school.

    In remembrance of September 11 and to recognize the service of our firefighters, the 2nd grade team invited Briarcliff firefighters to DTS. Students had the opportunity to interact with these first responders who were happy to demonstrate all they do to keep us safe.


    Back-To-School Night was held on September 16 and with the assistance of our Home & School we once again invited DTS families to bring their favorite treat to share. We met in the gym where all faculty members were introduced. Parents and teachers sampled some delightful treats before heading to classrooms to learn more about how children spend their day at DTS.

    Music teacher, Mrs. Cubbage, held the annual "band demo" for students in grades 4 through 8 to encourage students to join the band. She introduced students to the various instruments they will have access to and invited current band members to play for the students.

     DTS will be holding its annual student council election and on September 23 students who wish to be considered for office gave their speeches to middle school students. This enabled them to introduce themselves to their peers and to tell them about their plans and goals as president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.


    Delcroft School

    Another Year Begins at Delcroft School

    Delcroft students in grades 1 through 4 who completed their summer reading packet celebrated their accomplishment at the annual ice cream party. Students were treated to ice cream and spent time with their peers sharing their favorite books and reading together. Students enjoyed the celebration while creating a love for reading. Over 250 students participated in the event.


    On September 15, parents and guardians of Delcroft students attended Back to School Night. The event was well attended and families participated in classroom presentations that highlighted academic curriculum, classroom expectations, upcoming events, and classroom procedures. Duplicate sessions were held to allow for families of multiple students to attend all classroom sessions.

    Throughout the evening, Delcroft's cafeteria was transformed into a resource fair. Various agencies, community resources, student activity groups, district resources, and grade specific resources were available to parents. Each family was able to take home a free book for their child, along with sets of blank cards, which included great ideas for flashcard games.

    Happy Retirement Mr. Smith 

    On September 30, students and staff bid farewell to Delcroft's custodian, Mr. Richard Smith, as he begins his well-deserved retirement. Mr. Smith has worked at Delcroft School for the past 18 years and has become a memorable fixture to many at Delcroft School.

    He has fixed countless eyeglasses for students, and even some adults. If the zipper on your backpack breaks - go see Mr. Smith. If your locker is stuck - go see Mr. Smith. If your pencil sharpener stops sharpening - go see Mr. Smith.  In summation, if it's broken - Mr. Smith can fix it.

    Anyone who has ever stepped foot into Delcroft School knows how amazing Mr. Smith has been. He has "invented" so many things we have lost count. He has so many frequently used sayings - but the most recognizable is "hey, hey, hey". If you ask any student what is something that Mr. Smith says they will tell you "hey, hey, hey." 

    To celebrate his retirement, students and staff lined the hallways of Delcroft School as Mr. Smith took a final lap around the building on his last day. Everyone cheered and saluted while "Hail to the Chief" played over the loudspeaker. He was presented an American flag provided by Representative Nick Miccarelli of the 162nd legislative district.

    Every student and staff member, past and present, will always remember Mr. Smith's dedication to his job, the students, staff, and Delcroft community. In the words of Mr. Smith - hey, hey, hey- we will miss you each and every day!!!!!

    Harris School

    Welcome to Another Great Year at Harris School 

    Harris opened the doors to our students for the start of the 2015 / 2016 school year on September 1. Prior to opening day, Harris staff hosted a "Meet and Greet" for students and parents to meet their child's teacher before the start of school. A "Sneak a Peek" was also held to provide first graders an opportunity to tour the building, see their classrooms and meet their teachers before the commotion of opening day. We have found this activity to be very helpful in easing the apprehension of attending a new school for both the student and parent.

    The year began with the usual excitement but this year was special because we welcomed our new assistant principal. Mr. Baxter comes to us from Sharon Hill School where he established a track record of hard work and excellence, which he has brought to Harris. We are very excited to welcome him to the Harris family.


    This year, as always, our focus has been to provide a world class education in a safe and inviting environment to the students of Harris School. To accomplish this goal the teachers and staff begin to prepare for the 2015 / 2016 school year at the end of the 2014 / 2015 school year. Looking at academic and behavioral data from the previous school year is vital to making sure that we are meeting the individual needs of each of our students. While it is a very large and constantly evolving task, we are confident that we will do better than ever for our students.


    One of the biggest contributors to a student's ability to be successful is to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable while at school. To accomplish our academic goals we have reinforced our commitment to maintain a positive environment. We re-invigorated some of our existing programs and processes that have been successful in the past. One of those programs, Harris Values, is a school-wide initiative that promotes positive behavior. Students who demonstrate Harris Values are recognized each morning during announcements and given a value tag. Each month we focus on a different value and for September we chose Self-Discipline. We will also hold monthly Harris Values assemblies, which are a great motivating tool for the students who enjoy being recognized for their good deeds in front of their peers.

    In addition to Harris Values we are continuing to promote Harris High Five, which is another tool to support positive behavior. It is actually quite simple and provides teachers and students with a quick and easy way to remind students of expectations at Harris School.

    Here are the Harris High Fives:

    • Be Respectful

    • Be Prepared

    • Be Ready to Work

    • Be Engaged and Accountable

    • Be Positive

      While these 5 values may seem basic, we believe that if a student follows them it will not only provide a positive climate at school, but if applied to everything they do in life, they will not only be a great student but a good citizen with strong character.


      Sharon Hill School

      Welcome Back!

      The summer has come and gone and Sharon Hill School students and staff are back into the swing of things!  It was exciting to meet our first graders and other new students during the first days of school.

      All of the students were excited to meet their teachers and to jump start a new school year that will be packed with fun and much success.

      So far, our first PBIS Owl tickets winners were selected and won cool prizes like Owl Bucks, yearbooks, and ice cream certificates. 

      This year our goals are to provide a safe and positive school climate, to improve student achievement through implementing engaging instruction, and to be a school that focuses on the social and academic growth of our students. We plan to accomplish these goals by effectively and consistently implementing a school-wide positive behavior incentive program and responsive classrooms and by providing meaningful professional development to our staff, and effective interventions for all students.

      We look forward to a wonderful and successful school year!

      Welcome New Staff Members 

      Sharon Hill School would like to welcome all of our new staff members. Joining our team is a new assistant principal, 3 second grade teachers, and an emotional support teacher. The administration and staff are excited to work with their new colleagues to create a positive and successful school year!


      Kindergarten Center

      The School Year Kicks Off at the Kindergarten Center!    

      The start of the 2015 / 2016 school year at the Kindergarten Center began with an open house on Monday, August 31. Parents and children had the opportunity to meet the staff and were able to attend an informational seminar about school procedures. Also, the kindergarten students and parents were able to "sneak a peek" at their classroom and meet their new teacher.

      On Thursday, September 10, over two hundred parents attended the Kindergarten Center's Back to School Night. Parents were provided information on a variety of curriculum items that teachers will be implementing throughout the year. The Journeys Reading Program, the Go Math Program and Kid Writing were discussed. Also, the principal shared the upcoming fund raising events that will take place. The night concluded in the students' classrooms with teachers giving presentations on classroom rules and expectations for the upcoming school year. 

      Students attended an assembly on school bus safety presented by The Segal Puppet Theatre & Co on Friday, September 11. The students sang songs and participated in an interactive puppet show. Each student was presented with a "Bertram Bear's Cool School Bus Safety Award" at the end of the day. Everyone was entertained while learning important bus safety tips! 

      Over a hundred families came to Chuck E Cheese in Springfield for a fun-filled night of games, pizza and prizes on Wednesday, September 23. The kindergarten staff greatly appreciates the support for this fund raiser. It was such a huge success that the staff is planning another one in the spring. 

      Our kindergarten students continue to learn and grow each day at the Kindergarten Center. They are adjusting very well to their new environment and making new friends along the way. Everyone is looking forward to a wonderful year and expecting each day to be a new adventure!! 

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