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    November 2015



    Academy Park High School

    Developing Leadership

    The following students attended and participated in two youth leadership conferences during the month of October:

    • Lattana Sithara
    • Dakota Street
    • Tamorra Warren
    • India Salmon-Robinson
    • Amy Pham
    • Jenny Vu
    • Chrislynn Suah
    • Veronica Bauman
    • Chantal Diallo

    The first conference was held at Marple Newton High School on October 6 and was sponsored by Congressman Pat Meehan of the 7th Congressional District. The students had the opportunity to meet and have their picture taken with Congressman Meehan and local Delaware County celebrity Vince Papale.

     Giving Back to Our Community

    APHS students were diligent in giving back to their community and participating in community service activities during the month of October. The Omega Eta Knights and Phi Knights participated in a walk for breast cancer awareness on October 17.

    The Interact Club facilitated another successful blood drive on September 29. A total of fifty-five pints of blood were collected; positively impacting the health and well-being of many people.


    Darby Township School

    Darby Township School Hosts Orientation Breakfast 

    October brings in its wake several Fall celebrations. DTS guidance counselor, Mrs. Camile Jackson, organized and hosted an orientation breakfast for students who enrolled in our building after September 1 and missed the first days of school. Mrs. Jackson welcomed the new students and spoke to them about what DTS stands for. Mrs. Jackson introduced the DTS processes and routines and communicated our high academic and behavioral expectations.

    Homecoming Celebration 

    DTS staff and students participated in the Homecoming parade prior to the big game at Academy Park High School on October 23.

    Red Ribbon Week at DTS 

    The week of October 26 is an exciting time at DTS. Red Ribbon celebrations were held throughout the week to increase student awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Students dressed in themed outfits that illustrated their stand against drugs. Red Ribbon Week originated in 1985 and has since become an integral part of school life.

    DTS students dressed up as their favorite character for Don't Let Drugs Ruin Your Character day on October 30. They were also invited to walk in the Fall Festival in the Kingdom parade and to attend the Haunted Hallway in the evening.

    Fund Raising 

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, DTS Student Council held a Pink Out day for all students and staff who were invited to pay $1 so they could wear a pink shirt and jeans on October 21. All proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society and this year DTS contributed $300.  


    Delcroft School

    Delcroft School Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

    Red Ribbon Week is a celebration of living a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. Delcroft students participated in a variety of activities to help promote this message, including raffles, dress down days, giveaways, contests, and assemblies.

     Every day Delcroft had a theme to promote Red Ribbon Week:  

    • Monday - Red Ribbon Day - Students wore red shirts to kick off Red Ribbon Week
    • Tuesday - Team Up Against Drugs - Students wore their team jersey or one of their favorite sports team
    • Wednesday - Mix It Up Day - Students wore mismatched outfits to show that drugs are ridiculous
    • Thursday - Follow Your Dreams - Students wore pajamas or sweatpants to signify the importance of dreams
    • Friday - Switch Gears and Pick a Career - Students wore an outfit that represents a career of their choice

    Grade levels participated in decorating the school hallways. Students created red hands that indicated five things they can do to live a healthy lifestyle. Hallways were lined with the red hands to show the variety of healthy choices students can make on a regular basis. Each student signed a pledge to be drug free.

    Delcroft also hosted guests to help celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Holcombe Behavioral Health visited classrooms to provide lessons about the importance of living a drug free life. Ronald McDonald provided an assembly for students in grades 1-4 promoting the importance of making good choices. The students were excited to see Ronald McDonald and were engaged and entertained by the show. Students in grades 7 and 8 attended an assembly provided by Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Center titled Cruizin' not Boozin'. This program provided students with the opportunity to hear from individuals whose lives were changed dramatically because of a poor choice they made as a young adult.

    One speaker, Dan, spoke of the traumatic brain injury he suffered as a result of drinking and driving. He shared his story in hopes that others will learn from his experience. Dan's father also spoke to the students to explain the extended effect one bad choice had on their entire family.

    The impact of the stories shared was immeasurable and will not be forgotten. Students were taught how to create a safety plan with their parents to assist them in making good choices. We would like to thank Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Center for the opportunity to present this assembly to our students.

    The students and staff at Delcroft School enjoyed the special activities during Red Ribbon Week. We will continue to promote its message that our choices to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle are not just for one week, but for a lifetime.


    Harris School

    Red Ribbon Week Festivities at Harris School  

    The annual Red Ribbon Week is an exciting time at Harris School. Activities always focus on educating students on the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drug use, as well as violence prevention. 

    This year students and staff dressed in a different themed outfit for each day of the week.  On Monday students wore red to kick off Red Ribbon Week. Tuesday's motto was "Team Up Against Drugs" and students wore their own sports jersey or one from their favorite team.  On Wednesday, "Remember, You Have the Power to Be Drug Free!" was the theme and students wore a t-shirt of their favorite Superhero.  A big favorite with students - "Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs" - is held on Thursday and students and their friends dress alike. Friday's slogan was "It's Time to Put Down Drugs!" and students were allowed to dress down.

    Red Ribbon Week is organized by the Harris student council under the direction of 7th grade teachers Dannielle Luciano and Danielle Vaccaro. In addition to the theme days, student council decorated the building and distributed red ribbon week wristbands to all students.

    We Love a Word Parade

    A neighborhood favorite, Harris School held its annual Word Parade and students in first through fourth grades participated. The parade celebrates vocabulary words and the ingenuity of our students and their families.  

    Students are given a list of appropriate words from their grade level curriculum and they can choose a word to "be" for the parade. The students are given the opportunity to be creative and come up with a unique way to "wear" the word for the parade. The student's ideas ranged from a hard hat decorated with a cloud and rain to represent a "Brain Storm", to a student with a sandwich board with leaves glued to it representing "Fall".

    The majority of our students participated and while we have some extravagant costumes, some of our simplest costumes caused the biggest reaction from the spectators. Regardless of the complexity of the costume every student is made to feel like a star as they parade around the building and the neighborhood. The parade winds through the building with our older students lining the halls supporting the younger students as they march. After going through the building the parade goes out of the building so that the parents, families, and neighbors can see the students and how hard they worked on their costumes.   

    Every year the students impress with their interpretations of words and the creativity they display is awesome. The best part of the parade is the support that the students get from the Harris and Collingdale communities as they walk on their parade route. 


    Sharon Hill School

    Red Ribbon Celebrations at Sharon Hill School 

    During the last week of October many schools nationwide recognize Red Ribbon Week. To celebrate, schools focus on activities and lessons that are designed to influence students to make healthy life choices and prevent drug use. Students at Sharon Hill School participated in a variety of activities including presentations on making good choices about not using drugs, a poster contest, and students taking an anti-drug pledge. The festivities also included daily themes such as Team Up Against Drugs, in which students wore team jerseys.





    Summer Reading Ice Cream Social

    Every summer we encourage all Southeast Delco students to keep their brains active by flexing their thinking muscles and completing a summer reading assignment. Students that achieve this goal are rewarded with an ice cream social. This year we had a total of 120 students in grades 1-3 who completed the assignment and earned a tasty treat.

    Sharon Hill Student Government

    Sharon Hill's student government has helped to start the school year on a positive note. Students interested in being a member of student council campaigned during the month of September for the building-wide elections that were held in October. Students created campaign posters and presented speeches to gain votes. Congratulations to Gwyneth Bevans who was elected as student council president. We look forward to a productive and positive school year.

    School Spirit

    Sharon Hill School students, staff and parents showed their school spirit by participating in the annual parade prior to the Academy Park Homecoming game against Glen Mills. Everyone was so excited to participate and students were proud to carry the Sharon Hill banner!






    Kindergarten Center

    Fun Times and Learning at the Kindergarten Center!    

    October is Fire Prevention month and to celebrate students attended a fire safety session with "Fire Fighter Andrew". Students were able to see up close the gear a fire fighter uses and also learned important fire safety procedures to help keep them safe at home and in school. Each student received a fire prevention training certificate. We appreciate Mrs. Hunger's husband, Andrew, for visiting our school and providing our students with this fire safety information.

    Bullying Assembly

    Kindergarten students enjoyed a performance by the Walnut Street Theatre on October 28. The show was entitled Oscar and the Bug Bully Battle and the focus of the production centered on the problem of bullying and how to handle these difficult situations. The students learned critical lessons as they enjoyed a very entertaining show. 

    Field Trip

    Our kindergarten students were excited to go on their first field trip to Highland Orchards in West Chester! The students picked apples, made apple cider in a barn and went on a hayride. Also, the students made their own class scarecrow that they brought back to school. Everyone had a great time on their first class adventure!


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