• 4th Grade Supply List 2019-2020 
     All fourth grade students need:
     Crayons (box of 24)

    Sharpened #2 pencils - 4 (24 count) packs

    4 Highlighters

     Zippered pencil case (no pencil boxes)

    1 inch binder 

     1 pack of loose leaf paper

     2 packs of 3x5 index cards

     2 boxes of tissues

    1 bottle of liquid soap (no hand sanitizer)

     1 five subject notebooks

     2 pens (any color)

     2 one subject notebooks

     2 two pocket folders

     4 Expo Markers (Dry Erase)

     1 set of earbuds for IPADs to be kept at school (can be purchased at the dollar store)


    * Please be sure that your child has all supplies for the start of the school year.
    * Kindly place a name/number on all items and belongings that come to school.