•         Delcroft School
    Sixth Grade Supply List
    All sixth grade students need:
    *1 Two-inch nonzipper binder
    *2 packs of loose-leaf paper
    *4 Folders
    *1 Marble copybook 
    *1 Zippered 3-hole punch pencil case-No pencil box
    *1 Spiral graph paper copybook
    *4 Boxes of pencils (12 pencils in each box)
    *4 packs of 3 X 5 ruled index cards (for home use)
    *3 Blue or Black ink pens
    *2 Red pen for marking 
    *1 Pencil sharpener with lid
    *1 School Bag (no wheels)
    *2 Boxes of tissues
    *2 containers of Anti-bacterial wipes
    *1 pack of dividers
    *1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    *1 pack of 24 crayons
    *1 pack of markers
    *1 pack of colored pencils 
    *2 Yellow highlighters
    *Set of Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division Flashcards
    *Students are not permitted to use White-Out - please do not bring to school
    *Please check with your student to replenish items throughout the year.
    * Please be sure that your child has all supplies for the start of the school year.
    * Kindly place a name/number on all items and belongings that come to school.