• Sales Tax

    1. What is Sales Tax? - 5 points
    2. Name 5 products that are taxed and five products that are not taxed. - 5 points
    3. Why does the government charge sales tax? What does it provide? - 5 points
    4. Find 4 states sales tax IN ADDITION to Pennsylvania. (All ststes need to have a different numerical value) - 5 points
    5. Go on the computer and find three things you want to buy (reasonable items). Get their price and picture. - 5 points
    6. Create a table of prices for each of your items if they were purchased in the  different states. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK. - 60 points ( 5 each, no work only can receive 1 point if correct)
    7. Make a conclusion statement consisting of at least 5 sentences. Describe why sales tax is important. Tell which states your items were less expensive. Use examples from your paper. - 50 points
    8. Resources - you need to provide a resources section of your paper. Cut and copy every webpage you USE in your project. Then list them numerically. - 15 points   
    9. Send to Mrs. DeFino via attachment in email.


                                                                                                                                        TOTAL: 150 points