• 7 Crucial Questions to ask at Parent-Teacher Conferences
     1.   "Does he/she finish what she starts?"
           This question yields details about his/her attention and focus, and the teacher's standards.
     2.   "Does he/she share?"
           This question gets at his/her basic social ease.  Follow up with "How does he approach a group?"
    3.   "What are his/her strengths?"
           This question helps parents understand where the child's strengths originate so that they can help build upon them later.
     4.  "Can he/she follow instructions?"
           By asking this question you will get a sense of how cooperative your child is when you are not around.
     5.   "Whom does he/she play with?"
           Useful to know for out-of-school time socialization.
    6.   "How does my child work and play?"
           Yields information on your child's work habits.
    7.   "Does he/she raise his/her hand and express ideas?"
           Provides an idea of your child's level of involvement.
    Picture of a mother and father helping daughter with homeworkr
    Adapted from Parenting Magazine