To Begin Class:

    1. Please enter the classroom and go right to your assigned seat.  Make sure you say “HELLO!”
    2. Please take out your homework from the night before.  Please write down homework assignment for that night.
    3. Please take out all materials for class, such as, pencils/pens, notebook and textbook.  This is when you will sharpen your pencil. You should always have two writing utensils on hand in case one does not work. If you do not have your materials, please ask another classmate to lend you your materials, or ask me. 
    4. Please read and/or write any please-do-now activities.

          5.  If finished early, please work on study guide, notebooks, or any culminating project for the class.

    Attention! Achtung! Attencion!

    1.     We will come up with a way to signal silence and attention!

    1. If participating in a class discussion, please raise your hand and await teacher permission to speak.  This will ensure that all students and the teacher hear all opinions.
    2. Group work is collaboration!  Be sure to contribute!

    Dismissal Time:

    1.     Please wait quietly in your seats.  Wait for me to dismiss you, not the bell.  Students will not be dismissed unless this procedure is followed.

    2.     Remember to have a great day and say goodbye to me or I will cry! L

    Hall Passes:

    1.     If during class a pass is needed, please ask only during independent work time or dismissal time.  You are not permitted to use the pass during instruction time or group activities. 

    2.     Your school issued pass and ID are required to use a pass. If you do not have either and it is an emergency, you must pay a nickel to have a temporary pass. 


    1.     Please make sure you are always prepared for class.  Make sure you have your textbook, notebook, lined paper, binder, and pens/pencils for class.

    2.     If for some reason you are not prepared for class, please see me only at the beginning of class.  I will gladly lend you materials; however, you must provide some sort of collateral for these materials.  These materials will be returned to me at the end of class.

    3.     If we are working on a project which requires other materials such as markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, or cutouts, these materials, in most cases, will be provided for you.  Please treat all of these materials with respect.  Materials will be set in the front of the room for projects.  Designate a team member to retrieve needed materials for the project and also to return materials once finished. 




    Class Behavior:

    1.     I expect you to know how to behave in school.  Please follow all classroom and school rules to ensure that you are behaving appropriately.  You are provided with a school handbook and should review this handbook thoroughly.

    2.     Key elements:  Follow all classroom rules/procedures and school rules.  No eating/drinking in class.  No electronic equipment in class.  Please speak appropriately and kindly to all students and teachers/administrators. 


    1.     Please make sure all work is legible and neat.  Only write in pencil or blue or black ink.

    2.     You may hand in assignments late, but only up until two days after the assignment is due, unless some special arrangements have been made between us for that particular assignment.  All assignments will have two points deducted per day that it is late.  An assignment is considered late if it is not handed in at the exact time it is collected.  In other words, you may not hand your homework in at the end of class.  You will be instructed as to the due date of every assignment.


    4.     Designate a team member to collect all assignments for the team and place in the white basket on my desk.

    5.     All technology used in class will only be used for educational purposes deemed appropriate by the teacher.  If you do not respect this rule, you risk having your technology privileges revoked.


    1.     There comes a time when all of us are too sick to come to school.  Please stay home and get better if this occurs!  We don’t want anyone else getting sick!

    2.     All work must be made up by the student in order to receive credit for the assignments missed.

    3.     You are responsible for all missed work, so come on your time, not mine, to make it up.

    4.     Each student will have two full school days to make up any and all missed work for each day that they were absent.  Please hand the makeup work directly to me and it must be dated.  If all work is not made up within the allotted time, the student will receive a zero for the assignment.  I’m sorry I will not grade makeup work all semester.

    Substitute Teacher:

    1.     In the event that I am absent, a substitute teacher will come in to teach the class.

    2.     Please behave as if I were there.  Follow all classroom rules/procedures and school rules.  Please stay on task and complete all assignments.  Please listen to the teacher.

    3.     The substitute will have all information regarding the lesson and all classroom rules and procedures.

    4.     No hall passes will be given when a substitute teacher covers.