• Course Description:  Students will learn the accounting cycle from opening entries to financial statements and become acquainted with business records in the accounting field for a service business.  They will prepare:  worksheets, balance sheets and income statements for a service business.
    graph on finance


    Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

    Students who successfully complete Accounting I will be competent in the following areas:


    • Defining accounting & identify how accounting serves as a basis for careers
    • Classifying accounts as assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, revenue or expenses
    • Analyzing transactions into debit & credit parts
    • Verifying the equality of debits & credits
    • Prepare journal entries, charts of accounts, balance sheets, worksheets, income statements and posting adjusting & closing entries


    Student Evaluation

    The grading system for the Accounting Class at Academy Park High School is as follows:


    Tests, Projects, & Major Papers





    Classwork, & Minor Assignments



    Attendance & Class Participation (Starting Activities)


    20%  (School Wide)



    10%  (School Wide)




    The above areas will be used as the basis for 80% of your grade per semester. The final exam will constitute the remaining 20% of your grade per semester.  All parents, guardians and students should be checking the Home Access Center for their updated grades weekly on the school website at sedelco.org. 


    Late Work:  will only be accepted ONE day after the due date for half credit!  If the assignment has been reviewed in class that day, an alternative assignment will be given.