• Course Description:  Students will learn how our law system was developed and the differences between civil law & criminal law.  This course is designed to help students become aware of their rights, responsibilities and obligations in order to avoid legal difficulties throughout their life.
    Judge banging the gavel


    Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

    Students who successfully complete the Business Law Class will be competent in the following areas:


    • Defining basic legal terms & identify how our law system was developed
    • Explaining how our court system works
    • Classifying laws:  constitutional, statues, ordinances, administrative & case laws
    • Analyzing wether a situation is ethical
    • Identifying the differences between civil law & criminal law
    • Preparing opinion papers & PowerPoint presentations on case studies backed by facts


    Student Evaluation

    The grading system for the Business Law Class at Academy Park High School is as follows:


    Tests, Projects, & Major Papers





    Classwork, & Minor Assignments



    Attendance & Class Participation (Starting Activities)


    20%  (School Wide)



    10%  (School Wide)




    The above areas will be used as the basis for 80% of your grade per semester. The final exam will constitute the remaining 20% of your grade per semester.  All parents, guardians & students should be checking their current grades weekly on the Home Access Center available on the Southeast Delco Website at sedelco.org.


    Late Work:  will only be accepted ONE day after the due date for half credit!  It will be an alternate assignment if we went over the one that was due that day.