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    Course Information

    Teacher Information

    Credit Hour: 2 credits

    Name: Mr. Seif

    Marking Periods: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Phone: 610-522-4330 x6105

    Class Location: Room C308

    Office Hours: Mon toThurs. until 3:10 or by appointment

    Time: block 1, 3 or 4

    Teacher Website: https://www.sedelco.org//Domain/577

    E-Mail: dseif@sedelco.org or aphsmathmrseif@gmail.com

    School Attributes

    The manner in which we prepare students at Academy Park High School is informed by four attributes: (1) Dedicated faculty who will hold themselves, at minimum, to the same standards as the students we teach; (2) Positive relationships developed and nurtured between and among adults and students; (3) A high level of rigor included in instructional practices via standards aligned and contextually driven instruction; and (4) Connecting positive relationships with effective instruction for positive academic RESULTS!


    Course Description:

    Geometry is the study of the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids. The course focuses on solving equations in real life situations through manipulation and graphing. Right triangle trigonometry will be revisited and the Pythagorean Theorem introduced. Area of plane figures as well as surface area and volume of 3-D figures will be explored. Systems of linear equations and inequalities will also be investigated both graphically and algebraically


    Textbook:  CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics):  Geometry Connections


    Suggested Materials:  One of the following:

    • Notebook
    • Graphing Notebook, preferred
    • 3-ring Binder with graph paper


    Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

    Students who successfully complete Geometry will be competent in the following areas:

    • Identify Geometric Shapes: terminology and specific characteristics of geometric shapes
    • Transformation of Shapes:  reflect, rotate and translate shapes.
    • Probability:  use probability to make predictions about real world situations.
    • Angles:  classification, measurements and relationships of different angles.
    • Area of geometric shapes: calculate the area of shapes in proper units of measure.
    • Similarity and Congruence:  properties of similar shapes and congruent shapes.
    • Trigonometric Functions:  sine, cosine, and tangent of triangles.
    • Proofs:  write two-column proofs for real world problems.
    • Circles:  angles of a circle, circumference, area, similar and congruent.
    • Solids:  volume and surface are of three dimensional solids



    Student Evaluation

    The grading system for the Mathematics Department at Academy Park High School is as follows:

    Tests and Quizzes 60%

    Attendance and Participation 20%

    Homework 10%

    Classwork 10%

    Attendance Policy

    Regular and prompt class attendance is an essential part of the educational experience. Academy Park High School expects students to exercise good judgment regarding attendance and absences. Students will accept full responsibility for ensuring their work does not suffer because of absences. All students are expected to attend every scheduled class on time. Exceptions may be made for illness and valid emergencies.


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Students are expected to be in class on time everyday.
    2. Students are expected to be respectful of all other students and teachers in the classroom.
    3. Students are expected to participate in all team activities to the best of their ability.


    Plagiarism, Cheating, and Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism is the practice of copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of illegal help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Both are considered serious offenses and will significantly affect your course grade. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct booklet for additional information.



    A combination of lecture, class discussion, presentations, videos, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning will be used in this course. Grades will be determined by the satisfactory and timely completion of assignments. The grade of each assignment is based on the prerequisite given for each assignment. Below is an overview of topic/ units and major assessments/assignments for this course. Please note dates/timeframes are subject to change and are an estimate.


    Unit/ Topic

    Marking Period

    Shapes and Transformations

    Marking Period 1

    Angles and Measurements

    Marking Period 1

    Justification and Similarity

    Marking Period 1

    Trigonometry and Probability

    Marking Period 2

    Completing the Triangle Toolkit

    Marking Period 2

    Congruent Triangles

    Marking Period 2

    Proof and Quadrilaterals

    Marking Period 3

    Polygons and Circles

    Marking Period 3

    Solids and Constructions

    Marking Period 3

    Circles and Expected Values

    Marking Period 4

    Solids and Circles

    Marking Period 4

    Conics and Closure

    Marking Period 4


    General Information

    Geometry is a full year course consisting of 4 marking periods split between two semesters. Geometry uses a combination of Unit Tests, quizzes, and Unit projects for evaluation.  Students are also required to work in a team during several classroom activities.  Students will be assigned homework most nights and are to use these assignments as a review of the daily lessons and a preview into the next day.  Students can receive homework help by assessing the textbook website:  www.cpm.org and select Homework Help under Student Resources menu on the left hand side.