• Bonjour! Ni Hao! Salve!

    Welcome to Online Foreign Language!

    Online Mentor: Robert Rust



    Key Requirement

    It is critical that students taking an online foreign language are disciplined and self-motivated. These characteristics are pertinent because students determine the pace of their work as well as the amount of work they complete each day. Students also have the freedom to work at home or anywhere they can use the internet outside of the classroom.

    Extra Help

    Students are always welcome and encouraged to join us during Fifth Block in the library on Tuesday afternoon each week for any additional help they may need on assignments.

    The Tools of the Trade (Laptops & Headphones)

    Students, here at Academy Park, will be assigned specific Asus laptops as well as specific sets of headphones that will be required to take the course. They will be responsible for the maintenance and condition of these devices as they are used by others and critical for the learning process.

    Each day, students will use a provided username and password to log into the website aventalearning.com and work on assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests that are outlined in the course syllabus in the website’s Orientation. If there are technical difficulties or students experience difficulty during an assignment, e-mailing the online instructor will be the next step. Online instructors are usually able to respond to an e-mail within 12 to 24 hours, and there will always be assignments for students to complete in the meantime.

    Daily Procedures

    At the start of each period, students carefully get their assigned laptops and headphones by row, sit, and begin working on their assigned work. This process takes around five minutes. Students are to work quietly unless they are helping each other or speaking into the headphones for an oral assignment.