• Back to School Night Fall 2012

    Mr. Russo- Room Portable 3- 10th Grade English


    Reminders:      -Detailed Grade Reports sent home w/ students Mon. or Tuesday

                            -Reading Logs – Checked on Fridays- Students should be reading something

                            every night.

    -          Every other Friday (10/5 is next one) is Reading Workshop.  Students must bring a book.

    -          Book Report # 1- due Nov 2

    -          One Book Report is required for each marking period

    -          Short Story Summary Project due October 12


    Classroom Expectations

    -          1. Bring the necessary materials to class: textbook, ink pen, and journal.

    -          2. Arrive to class on time!

    -          3. Participate in all class activities and work to capacity.



    Unit/ Topic

    Course Activities


    Month/ Timeframe


    Fiction: Short Stories

    Partner Reading, Reading Journals

    Do Nows; Vocab Quizzes;

    Team Summaries;Grammar  Comprehension Checks



    All Students will read at least two novels from the possible:

     To Kill A Mockingbird

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    The Illustrated Man

    Fahrenheit 451

    Brave New World


    Independent Reading and Team Reading

    Do Nows; Vocab Quizzes;

    Team Role Readings;

    Comprehension Checks; Essays  Summaries

    October-November- Decemebr

    Drama:  Julius Caesar

    Nonfiction: Articles; Essays; Memoirs; Biographies

    Class Reading/ Analysis

    Writing Process, Library Research, Presentation

    Do Nows;VocabQuizzes;


    Research powerPoint










    Contact me if you need through email:  Nrusso@sedelco.org or

    By phone- 610-522-4330- ext. 6144