Course Description:

    English II continues the development of communication skills necessary for college bound students with a balanced program of reading, written and oral responses, language study, and vocabulary. The curriculum emphasizes the study of various themes through world literature.  A variety of genres, including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and essays from around the world are included.  Improvement of writing and communication skills necessary for college bound students will be accomplished through the writing process. There will be a research project and presentation.


    Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

    Students who successfully complete English II will be competent in the following areas:

    • Acquire and apply grade-level vocabulary
    • Analyze and interpret various works of literature
    • Make inferences, draw conclusions, and cite evidence from text
    • Identify and evaluate the use of literary devices in fiction and non-fiction
    • Communicate effectively in writing, using the proper conventions of language
    • Use research to support expository and persuasive writing purposes