•                Advanced Placement Literature and Composition (A.P. English IV) is a college-level course, which requires high expectations and a rigorous amount of work to be completed. When the students return in the fall, they will be able to immediately begin their journey through literature since they have been introduced to two novels, analyzed each with the completion of four analytical papers and one practice exam. Throughout the course, the students will be able to refer to these texts as references for developing understanding for the works that will be read. Simultaneously, students will complete one practice College Board exam as initial exposure to the test format and types of questions that they will be working to answer throughout the year (Summer Work Assignments).

                  Each student is taking on the responsibility to prepare for the A.P. final by reading, writing, and discussing every text to which they are introduced. The students will have the opportunity to prepare for the exam through class exercises and practice tests given throughout the year. The students must be willing to apply their learning outside of the classroom and choose to work independently towards a passing grade on the A.P. Exam.  

    Students who successfully complete the Advanced Placement English IV, Literature and Composition Course will be competent in the following areas:

    • Independent and active reading of literature in various genres and time-periods (16th-21st century).
    • Identifying authors’ use of literary elements, stylist traits and historical/biographical influences.
    • Evaluating literature for literary quality and artistic achievement while considering social and cultural implications.
    • Producing various written formats including (but not limited to): expository, analytical, and argumentative essays.
    • Implementing the use of an expansive vocabulary (language and literary terminology) through accurate denotation and imaginative connotation (“English Literature and Composition Writing”)