• Welcome to 7th Grade Math!


    This year we will be using the enVisionMath 2.0 series. There are two volumes, and students will have one volume at a time. Students will also be using a variety of additional materials such as packets and handouts.


    Students are responsible for their books, as only one copy per student is provided. If a book is lost, an additional copy can only be provided if the student pays the replacement cost, to be determined by the administration.


    For math class, you will need:


    • A spiral bound notebook SEPARATE FOR MATH ONLY

    • A two-pocket folder for handouts and assessments

    • Several pencils (to be replenished as needed throughout the year)


    ALL these materials should be brought to class DAILY, as well as the math book.

    The math curriculum in Southeast Delco School District is rigorous. To succeed, students will need to pay close attention and follow all directions, which means we have little time for off-topic talking or goofing off. Much of our work will be completed in small groups, which should increase student interest and motivation. It should be an interesting, exciting and challenging year!

    Students will begin their homework in class most days, and if they work diligently, they MAY be able to complete their assignments in class. What is not finished becomes homework. Most assignments will be in the regular math books. Homework will be checked daily. A phone call will go home after 3 missed assignments.


    Homework assignments will be listed daily on my website. Go to the Harris School web page, then click on Staff Webpages and click on my name. Then click on the Assignments tab at the left.


    PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for getting the homework assignments if they are asked to leave the room for misbehavior.


    Students will raise their hands with two fingers up to go to the bathroom. Mrs. Schommer will then acknowledge the student and go to their seat to sign their agenda book. No student can travel the hallways without a signed agenda book. Bathrooms are open from the top of the hour to the half hour mark.


    Math Help
    If a student finds he or she is struggling, the first course of action is to raise a hand for help within the class setting. If the student still needs extra help, math assistance always available by arrangement at lunch time or before school in Mrs. Schommer’s room. Just ask!


    Missed Work Due to Absence

    If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to ask Mrs. Schommer for any homework assignments or class work that needs to be completed.

    Parents, please don’t hesitate to call
    if you have questions or concerns!
    610-522-4370 Ext. 3201