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  • Technology Management
    The Director of Technology Management, along with the Network Administrator, coordinates the use of technology in the Southeast Delco School District. Currently, Southeast Delco is a leader in Delaware County in the use of technology in both instructional delivery and data and information management.

    Effective, efficient, Internet service is provided by Cogent in conjunction with the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. Laptop Computers, Tablets, LCD projectors, SMART Boards, Distance Learning Equipment, and digital cameras, as well as more traditional graphics calculators, and LCD panels provide an array of technology to assist with instructional delivery.
    In addition to the Director and Administrator, the department's Technical Support Personnel provide building support to ensure consistent, reliable, network operation.  With the support of the Southeast Delco Board of School Directors and the many available grant opportunities, Southeast Delco continues to provide state of the art technology for our students and staff.
    Mr. Dan Kitchen
    Network Administrator

    Network Administrator, Jenn Peterson
    Data Management
    The office of data management was created to meet the increased requirements of data submission for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Law of 2001. State and Federal grant reporting and State information reporting to the PIMs (Pennsylvania Information Management System) data warehouse have all increased significantly. In addition, increased emphasis on data analysis will enable Southeast Delco to more closely assess the effectiveness of our instructional program and to modify instruction appropriately.

    Mrs. Jennifer Peterson
    Database \ PIMS Specialist
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