• D.T.S. Values Honor Among Knights! - P.R.I.D.E
    This is our classroom rule:  "Never hurt anyone on the inside or outside."  Everyone is expected to follow the rule at all times.
    The children have discussed what it means to hurt someone on the inside and outside, as well as, ways not to hurt someone.  If a child/children choose not to follow the rule, then those involved will discuss what has happened.
    Severe misbehavior such as fighting or verbal abuse will result in a discipline form being filed, and the child will be sent to the principal's office.
    The students who choose to behave appropriately will receive a green day on their behavior card, where as, misbehavior will result in a red day.  Each child's card will be attached to the inside of his/her homework folder.  Please do not remove the card.  The card is to be signed each day by a parent.  Kindly initial the block.
    Please discuss with your child that you are aware of this rule, and that you expect them to make the appropriate choices.  By working together, we can assure that your child has many successful experiences.
    Thank you.