A little about me...

--I was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia.  I currently reside in Delaware County with my husband, son, and two dogs .
--I have a younger sister that always let me be the teacher when we played school in the basement...thanks Kel! 

--I received my teaching degrees from West Chester University and GratzCollege. 

--I am going into my twelfth year of teaching at Delcroft.  I have taught library, first, second, and fifith grade.  Time sure does fly! 

--I like to read, craft, and spend time with family and friends.
--I could not live without peanut butter and jelly.

--I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee.

--I get very excited when the stores bring out their back to school ads!!

--I am in love with avocados right now...weird?
--I am not a morning person; I push the snooze button at least three times.
--I am in Target at least once a week buying things I totally don't need.
--In my car I am the best singer ever.